Plan Now for British Car Day

British Car Day will appeal to everyone, from the seasoned enthusiast through to the casual novice.

I made my first visit on the 40th anniversary in 2017.  Who knew there were so many sizes, shapes and colors of vintage British cars?  There were examples from the very oldest to the most modern.  The total count was over 150 cars according to the guide book.

Models included Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Austin-Healy, Rolls Royce, and Bentley.  There were also some brands that were unfamiliar to me, such as Astin Martin and Morris Minor.  Even a few motorcycles were mixed in.

Although cars from England were not known for being extremely reliable, most of the autos on display were gleaming with clean engines and shiny chrome.  A few had some spots of rust or other flaws, as they were still in varying stages of restoration.  There was even one original “barn find”.

I enjoyed meeting the car owners, who took great pride in their handiwork.  I also liked observing the many spectators, including apparent club members who greeted one another with hugs and handshakes, clearly desiring to catch up since last year.

The landscape was perfect.  Flags and canopies checkered the grassy fields.  Legendary Lilypons Water Gardens was the perfect backdrop for this event, with its lush vegetation and dozens of aquatic ponds.  Tree swallows and purple martins swooped overhead, and I overheard more than one owner mention that “the birds better not aim” for his canvas top or the paint job he had just polished.

Authentic highland music by the Frederick Scottish Pipes and Drums Corps completed the setting.

And then there were the food concessions.  My only complaint is that they didn’t offer fish and chips!

If you do decide to travel to the mid-Maryland countryside in June for this one day event, make sure to spend the night with us at the nearby Frederick Inn Bed and Breakfast.  But if you drive a green 1970 MG, be sure to follow the advice of our guest named James who said last year, “keep your AAA membership current!”

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